October 3 - 15. Flew to Manchester and trained to Harrogate. Next day the five of us (Amy, Max, Olivia, Elliot, and I) flew out of Leeds to Pisa. We had a wonderful time travelling around Italy. From Pisa the train to Siena. 2 days and nights there with much wonderful walking. Then to Monterosso in the Cinqueterre National Park on the coast. 2 days and 2 nights there of peace, charm, hiking, and vacation nothingness; perfect. We stayed in a sweet little apartment that was maybe a 150 yard walk to the sea. Train to Milano for 2 nights and 1 long day. What a great city. Leonardo's exhibition at the Museum of Science and Technology. Long, long walk but eventually, after a large helping of gelato, we were able to get to Leonardo's Horse. (Read about the Horse here and here.) Special thanks to all four for going off the charts to allow me to complete my pilgrimage to see the Horse. Everywhere we went in Italy we were, of course, forced to eat good food and, sadly, yes, we found it painfully necessary to try the many varieties of gelati.

A note on Mr. Fuzzy. He's a stuffed animal who showed up at our department at TPL and we started making a game of finding weird places to put him. We have decided that whenever anyone in the department takes a trip Mr. Fuzzy should go along and be photographed on the journey.


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